Saturday, 16 January 2010

Beauty Booty Question

Hi everyone!!
Quick question for you...
To my horrid disbelief my spaced out blush from the neo sci fi
collection has hit pan. This blush is my perfect travel blush. I keep
it in my handbag as it is not overtly orangey but is a beautiful coral
pink that goes with most looks.
Does anyone know of a good dupe for this colour???
Any help would be much appreciated
Thank you


  1. You might find one on ebay. My go to blush is soft apricot by no7 its a pretty peachy coral colour. Im not sure if its a good dupe for spaced out but its worth a try:)

  2. You can find this at a CCO, I found it at mine 3 weeks ago. Good Luck!

  3. Nice blog!! New follower here!