Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Christmas Wishes

It is that time of the year again where panic shopping leads to busy town centres, long queues and Christmas grottos!!!
The countdown is roughly over two weeks which means, at least for me, only 4 shopping days left (aaarrrgghhh!!! stupid work commitments)

Whilst I will try to invest all of that time picking out pressies for my nearest and dearest, I know I won't be able to stop perusing the aisles for goodies for me!!!!

So I thought I would try and get it out of my system and do a quick Christmas wish list on here (ah-hem boyfriend, lots of hints here)

Clinique 3 step system

Now I know I have this up in my bathroom cabinet but does it stop me wanting the holiday set with the super-cool pump lid thing??? heck no!!
I love this 3 step system. Although there are nights when I just cant be bothered scrubbing off all that makeup, I do feel guilty in the morning when I see these little bottles more full than they should be.
If these should pop themselves into my xmas stocking I would be a very happy gal!!!

MAC 187 Stippling Brush

Now this is a staple of most people's brush collection, but sadly it is not in mine.
When I stumbled across the gurus on youtube, this brush was absolutely everywhere!!! I was interested in make up but not to the extreme that I am now. I didnt realise the market for fake mac brushes and innocently trundled over to ebay to pick one up on the cheap. But as you can guess, it died within a month, literally!!! It bled black all over my sink when I washed it and eventually it decapitated itself when the bristles fell out. So I gave up on it and kept to my, at the time, newly acquired beauty blender and body shop foundation brush.
But my birthday has just been and my boyfriend gave me the 'do the trick buff and line' brush set from the holiday line. Now that I have played around with that one, I am longing for the full size!!!
So lesson learnt for 2009 - do not buy fake Mac brushes on ebay - buy cheap-buy twice (as my nan would say!!)

So that is all I can think of at this moment but as I shop at the weekend, I am sure a few more things will wander into my basket!!!

What things are on your wish list this year???

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  1. Hi there, stumbled across your blog from a comment you left on lollipop26's blog! Anyway, you absolutely do need the full size 187 so I hope you get it for xmas :) shame about the eBay thing - I don't know how they let people get away with selling fakes, it's so unfair.

    Good luck with the blog! I just started mine too and it's great fun, I think I am addicted to posting on it!

    Melissa x