Thursday, 10 December 2009

Neutral Thursday

So today was when of them days where I couldnt get away with my beloved colour looks, so I had to opt for a more neutral eye. (^sigh^)

So today I used some trusted Mac products (please excuse my shaky camera work, its hard taking photos with your eyes closed!!!!)

Expensive Pink all over the lid - when doing neutral looks, I like to keep the shimmery shade on the lid and blend into matte colours in the crease.

I scuplted the crease with Wedge as its slightly darker than my skin tone, so it can carve out my desired look without looking to 'made up'

And Dark Edge (from the Tempting quad) to darken up the corners and also as a liner to my bottom eye lash line.

I also used my fave, Crystal Avalanche, to highlight the inner corners. (and Brule on the brow bone)

I opted out of tight lining or using my usual black kohl liner on the water line as I needed it to be fresh looking.

So what do you think??

I like it! A bit boring maybe, but perfect for the days when you cant get away with slapping it all on.

Lesson for today, dont use ur cameraphone to take blog pictures!!!

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  1. Hey!
    I read a comment from yours on lollipop26's blog and just subscribed to yours. I love this look, we all need a bit of neutral sometimes :)

    I am starting a makeup blog as well, check it out if you like