Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Nail polish always chipping???

This post is going to be a half rant-half love for my nails.

Lets start with the rant......
No matter what kinds of nail polish I buy, whether it is high end or dirt cheap I can not keep it on my nails for longer than a day!!! My left index nail chips within an hour every single time!!!
I have tried base coats, top coats, one coat of polish, 3 coats of polish, wearing gloves (haha) but it will not stay on.
My family often commented on how regularly I
changed my nail colour and it was just an attempt to keep them nice looking.

I have had acrylic nails in the past but in the end I couldn't be bothered with the hour long appointment and the £25 hole in my purse.

So one day I was walking around boots and I came across the glue on nails. Usually I just walk on by after wasting money on ones that flipped off everytime I tried to do my flies up!!!But for some reasons these caught my eye....

They are the Broadway Nails Real Life Natural Nails in Short. I think these set me back about £4.

They are just completely clear nails although with the shadow of your natural nail underneath them, they look as though they have the white tips.

I wouldn't recommend buying these if you wanted nails to just slap on and out the door, but if, like me, you want to use them as a base for long lasting polish, they are perfect!!!

In fact, my polish lasts so long, that I get bored with the colour before I need to redo them. I must say, the colour wears off the very tips of the nails but this is by no means as noticeable as a big old chip.

The nails themselves also last really long. I can usually wear a set for about two weeks, although I think I read somewhere that you should only wear them for 7-10 days.

So I am now going to paint them. It is a choice between OPI Mod about you or OPI Melon of Troy???

I will keep you posted!!


  1. Hi girl! thanks for following me!
    mod about you!!!!! love that colour!
    I've never try acrylic nails before! but I'm gonna do my manicure on tuesday! I guess....
    also I have been thinking which brand will be ok for a false nails set, did u hear about the elegant touch ones?

  2. Elegant touch??? no I havent heard of them!!!! these real life ones are really good but only really if you like to keep colour on your nails. You can use them on their own but because they are clear you can sort of see the glue through them :-( by the way i chose mod about you!!!