Monday, 21 December 2009

Mod About You

So since my last nail post, I have painted them one of my favourite nail polishes.

Even though its winter and you are supposed to wear dark, dramatic shades, I prefer to mix it up!!! Whilst my clothes and hair are all dark, I love to have the contrast of a bright summery colour on my nails, it makes me smile!!!
The formula of this shade by OPI is really nice. Unstreaky, perfect medium between thick and thin and unlike many
people, I love the width of the
brush. Its so much quicker to do your nails with a thick brush than one where you have to keep going over and over to cover the nails.

So here is a quick picture!

Tell me what you think??? Do you like wearing brights in the winter??? (I think I like this colour so much because it makes my hands look tanned!!!)

Blog to you soon!!!

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  1. hey! so I just saw your blog from your comment on Elle's blog and LOVE your review !!! :D

  2. thank you rita...been slacking on here over the holidays but will try to update more new years resolution!!! love it if you would follow me!!! thank you